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Date: _____________________


Consignor Name:  ____________________________________


          Address: ______________________________________


          Phone #: ______________________________________


          E-mail:  _______________________________________


Description of Product(s):


          Brand:  _______________________________________


          Model:  _______________________________________


          Condition:  ____________________________________


          Comments:  ____________________________________


New Price:  $__________________


Desired Sales Price:  $__________;   60 Day Price:        $__________


90 Day Price:           $__________;   Minimum Price:      $__________


Choose a Consignment Option:    

__ 1 – You keep the unit and ship it to the buyer (25% fee rate)           

__ 2 – You leave the unit with us for complete sales handling (40% fee rate)


Choose a Payment Option:

__ A – Leave net proceeds on account to apply towards purchases (10% fee reduction)           

__ B – Receive check for net proceeds (no fee reduction)


Sweet Home Audio (SHA) accepts this consignment and will attempt to sell it for the desired price.  If it is not sold within 60 days, the asking price will be reduced to the “60 day price.”  If it has still not sold within an additional 30 days, it will be reduced to its “90 day price.”  If after another 30 days (or 120 days total) it is still not sold, the price will be dropped to its “Minimum Price.”  If it still doesn’t sell within a reasonable time, you will remove the unit from our store and our sales agreement will be ended.  If an offer is received on the unit that is less than the current asking price in effect, we will contact you to determine if the offer is acceptable to you or not.  At any time before the sale of the item, either you or SHA may terminate this agreement. We have two Consignment Sales Options.  OPTION 1: You keep the unit until it’s sold and deliver it to the buyer; the unit must be in as-advertised condition when received by the buyer.  If it is not, the sale may be voided by the buyer, in which case you would pay for return shipping and be charged a 5% fee (of the sales price) to cover our expenses.  OPTION 2: You bring the unit to us; we handle everything and assume all risks.  We have two Payment Options.  PAYMENT OPTION A: You leave your net proceeds from the sale on account with us to apply to purchases here at SHA.  (With Payment Option A, we reduce your consignment fee by 10%.)  PAYMENT OPTION B:  We send you a check for the net proceeds from the sale (with no reduction in fee rate).


While we will secure and protect your consigned equipment as thoroughly as if it were our own (and to date we have never lost or damaged a consigned unit) you agree that you assume all risks associated with leaving your gear with us. 


________________________              ________________________

               Consignor                                   SHA