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(Brian & Peggy circa 1981)


Home Theater

We enjoy movies and TV almost as much as we do listening to music.  The speaker configuration is different for home theater than it is for stereo (of course), but, like with music, the quality of the sound has much to do with our enjoyment of the movie or TV experience.  Again, as with music reproduction, the quality and compatibility of the various components in the audio system determine just how good the soundtrack will sound.

We are a stereo shop.  One look inside our new facility will convince you of that.  But we have spent much of the past 20 years designing, selling and installing magnificent home theater systems from simple 3.1 systems to the latest mega-speaker Atmos systems.  We still sell all the latest TVs and home theater speaker systems and electronics and we'll be happy to help you design the exact right system for your needs and wants.  And, of course, we'll be happy to get you everything you need to make it come together.  The only thing we are no longer doing is installing it all.  We can refer you to competent installers or guide you through the installation if you're interested in doing it yourself.


Here are some of our home theater brands:










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