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Our philosophy about audio & video equipment

Audio equipment can satisfy many different needs and wants.  From pride in ownership to visual appeal and all manner of things in between, audio gear can impact us in ways unrelated to how they actually sound to us.  These things are not to be ignored and, for better or worse, they will effect our buying decisions.  All of those things notwithstanding, given that the most important consideration should always be our long-term enjoyment of the music reproduced by the gear, it is essential that we develop an understanding of our own preferences.  While what the "experts" and your friends think about a particular piece can have a dramatic effect on your choices, when it comes to the sound, the only valid issue is how well the piece works in your system, in your room, with your music to satisfy your preferences in musical presentation at home.  While some reviewer somewhere may have found musical nirvana with some piece of gear, that same piece may not work as well for you given your particular objectives.  Conversely, a piece of gear that was found wanting by an "expert" or an audio buddy, may, indeed, be the exact right piece for you.

It is with this understanding that we present ourselves and our products to you.  We have selected products that we consider to be excellent, indeed, exceptional.  But synergistic partnering of all of the components (system/room/music/listener) is highly relevant in the assembly of any audio system.  We want to help you get it right.  And, yes, sometimes the exact right piece will not be in our showroom.  But, sometimes (and often, we think) it will be.  

We consider that the products that we carry should be on every serious music and movie lover's short list of "must audition" audio and home theater products.  They're that good and we may have exactly what you need to take your music listening experience to the next level.


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