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February 2015

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NEW HOURS - Now open Saturdays

18 Months, same as cash

Source Technology Speakers

ON SALE - Gallo Strata 2 speakers


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Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of

Many folks just can't get over here during the week. 

To accommodate your busy schedule, we are now open on Saturdays from 10:30 AM until 2:30 PM. 

No appointment necessary.

Come on in and listen to some great music, talk to me about your home entertainment plans or needs and pick up some great audio and video deals!

We're still open Mondays through Fridays, as usual - it's still a good idea to call before you make the trek over here in case I'm out of the shop helping another customer.


Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of

Buy it now and take eighteen months to pay for it with zero interest!!

In association with Synchrony Financial, we are offering eighteen month, same-as-cash financing on your purchases during February 2015.

The application and credit approval process takes about five minutes. 

This is a deferred interest promotion.  Pay the full balance within the eighteen month term and you'll pay no interest at all.

Upgrade your home theater or music system today and spread your payments out over eighteen months.  This offer is good on both new and used equipment.

Come on in and let's get started!



Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of

High performance, low price - it's what we all want. 

It's what Source Technology delivers.

To introduce this American Made speaker line, we've brought in the little 1.5 WC loudspeakers for you to sample.  We've had them here for a couple of weeks now and, I must say, these little speakers sound great!  For only $695 a pair, you just won't find a classic, wood cabinet speaker that sounds better.

Perfect for your small apartment, condo or small listening room.  Come on in and give them a listen.



Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of

Small size, huge sound! 


Reference Strada 2 Center Speaker BundleReference Strada 2 Side Speaker Bundle


Demo units are in our showroom!

And this month, the Strada 2 speakers are on sale! 

"This is it – Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ top of the line speakers. While we love all of our loudspeakers, and any one of them would make a fine choice, if you want to reach the apex of sonic output, then our Reference Series is the clear choice. This is our most technologically-advanced line, with our CDT™3 Tweeters, patented S2 technology, and OPT® (Optimized Pulse Technology) system. But they also look the part, and have an aluminum/stainless steel build quality that is second to none."

Reference AV Series

Featured in Home Theater HiFi.com

"Does super tall soundstage float your boat? If so, the soundstage of the Strada 2 is about as tall as you'll find anywhere in any speaker. Want speakers that are less visually imposing? Again, the Strada 2 system would be the winner."
--Chris Groppi, Home Theater HiFi.com, September 2013


We've been a huge fan of the Gallo Reference series speakers since day one.  The Strata II and TR-3D Subwoofer replace the highly acclaimed Reference 3.5 speakers.  They totally disappear in the soundstage and present such a realistic acoustic image that you will be amazed.  For music or movies (how about both!) these speakers deliver the goods.  Table, wall or stand mounted, these speakers will complement almost any decor.  And the price?  Just $999 each!

We have a complete 5.1 Gallo speaker system set up in our listening room.  Rears are in-ceiling Gallo A'Diva SE speakers with the bottom end provided by the seriously good TR-3D subwoofer.  Come on in and give it a listen.  I think you'll be glad that you did.

Call or come in for details.




Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of

We'RE ALWAYS addING new consignment pieces.

we've reduced the prices on Most Consignment items.

Sell your old gear on consignment and turn it into cash—money for you to spend. 

If you are in the market for home audio or home video gear and you're on a budget, buy from our Consignment Department.  We've got quality used A/V products on consignment at very attractive prices.

Consignment makes sense.  Buying or selling—either way you save.

Every month we add new items to the consignment list (see it at the end of this newsletter).  We even have music on consignment—CD's, LP's and even Laser Discs.

 Here, at the home of beautiful sound, we make it easy.

  •  Check out our new Demo, Used & Consignment page:  Click HERE




Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of    

Now open Saturdays!  10:30 AM until 2:30 AM.

We are frequently out of the shop helping customers at their homes and businesses. So, especially if you're coming a substantial distance, please call before you come. We'd hate to miss you!

(727) 446-2505

Monday through Fridays, we do our best to keep regular hours here (see below times). 

Our official schedule:


Monday thru Friday—10:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday -  10:30 AM to 2:30 PM


Thank you for reading our newsletter and visiting our web site.

Call us at (727) 446-2505 if you have any questions.

If you can, come in and check out our shop.  We'll make you feel right at home.

~ Brian & Peggy Rovinsky

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