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July 2016

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Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
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y audiophile persona felt that, with the DX, there was a greater sense of ease, of you-know-whatability to the imaging, of involvement with the overall sound. And that's what it's all about, even without taking into consideration the DX's ease of setup and use. Highly recommended. I said highly.
Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/roon-labs-roon-v10-music-playback-app-page-2-0#VAIrZ5eX7ZfYF9e6.99

We are still offering huge discounts on most of our demo units. 

These are all excellent units that will open new doors to your music enjoyment.

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Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
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We are currently offering these amazing music servers at our best prices ever!!  Come in or contact us for the details:  727.446.2505 or email us at Sales@sweethomeaudio.com.

From the Antipodes Audio web site:

The Philosophy Of Our Approach

The emphasis is on delivering stunning sound quality, with a design emphasis on time-domain accuracy, which delivers an openness and immediacy without any hint of unnatural aggression. This is what we hear when we listen to real music and we believe it lets the music speak for itself.

Our approach is highly scientific, but we are not wedded to prevailing scientific theories. The prevailing science applied in the audio industry is focused on the science of the equipment and fails to address the more complex science of how the brain delivers enjoyment from listening to music. The false premise has been that if the science of the equipment could be perfected then the need to understand how the ear/brain system works is unnecessary. The premise is a practical decision that is common in most science - to assume away the pieces of the puzzle where there is less hard evidence to go on. But assuming away the place where all the action occurs is a mistake. We don't find the accepted science gets anywhere near being able to isolate what kinds of distortion get in the way most with a human's ability to enjoy reproduced music, and the science often reduces a complex issue like harmonic distortion or digital signal distortion to a single number - which we consider to be utterly bizarre. Some timbre and time-domain distortions in an audio system have real-world analogs and some don't, and the unnatural distortions are not recognized by the ear/brain as real. This is the main reason that many prefer an otherwise more distorted analog source to a digital source. Experimentation to make great audio has to have a true reference point, which is how humans react emotionally to it. Just because that is unreliable, and hard to measure does not justify side-lining it in favor of a measure that may or may not be relevant.

Therefore, Antipodes approach has always been strict scientific experimentation, avoiding deductive or inductive leaps without verification, and our main measurements are the emotional reactions of an independent listening panel of local audiophiles. Many audiophiles make the mistake of listening for differences in the sound, not appreciating two important things. The first mistake is that they are using their cognitive brain to do this and the cognitive brain has no role in the enjoyment of music. The second mistake is to not realise that our listening process is an active one and not a passive one - what we think we hear is heavily affected by what we expect to hear, or the order in which we hear it. Our enjoyment of music comes from the limbic system in the brain, the source of human emotional reactions to our environment. The most relevant way to evaluate audio equipment is to ask yourself whether you are getting more or less emotionally involved with the music.


Ken Micallef reviewed the Antipodes DS Music Server in Digital Audio Review.      read review

"I never realized a server could translate this level of resolution along with the DS’ most impressive trick: its ability to recreate the true depth, width and height of the recording’s soundstage as originally created by the recording engineer and producer. The DS’ immersive soundstage was truly a revelation, and a great musical joy."

"There was simply more music and apparently less noise coming through my Shindo/DeVore system. This paid off in improved micro-dynamics, low level detail retrieval, an immersive and better sorted soundstage that also had more air and a greater sense of spaciousness — that last quality even bettering my vinyl rig."

"The sound was organic, present, tonally-rich, extremely dynamic, resolving, sweet and organic. This was no case of upper frequency enhancement at the expense of low frequency warmth; the Antipodes simply brought more music to the table."

Antipodes DS


We have the DS in our demo room for your auditioning pleasure.  Come in and check it out!


Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
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To accommodate your busy schedule, we are now open on Saturdays from 10:30 AM until 2:30 PM. 

No appointment necessary.

Come on in and listen to some great music, talk to me about your home entertainment plans or needs and pick up some great audio and video deals!

We're still open Mondays through Fridays, as usual - it's still a good idea to call before you make the trek over here in case I'm out of the shop helping another customer.


Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of

We'RE ALWAYS addING new consignment pieces.

Sell your old gear on consignment and turn it into cash—money for you to spend. 

If you are in the market for home audio or home video gear and you're on a budget, buy from our Consignment Department.  We've got quality used A/V products on consignment at very attractive prices.

Consignment makes sense.  Buying or selling—either way you save.

Every month we add new items to the consignment list (see it at the end of this newsletter).  We even have music on consignment—CD's, LP's and even Laser Discs.

 Here, at the home of beautiful sound, we make it easy.

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Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of    

Now open Saturdays!  10:30 AM until 2:30 AM.

We are frequently out of the shop helping customers at their homes and businesses. So, especially if you're coming a substantial distance, please call before you come. We'd hate to miss you!

(727) 446-2505

Monday through Fridays, we do our best to keep regular hours here (see below times). 

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~ Brian & Peggy Rovinsky


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