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Bose 901 Series VI speakers   


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901 Direct/Reflecting speaker system


Experience legendary performance from your stereo components. Bose's best stereo speaker, the 901 Series VI Direct/Reflecting speaker system, brings the warmth, power and excitement of a concert hall to your home. This flagship system creates the mix of direct and reflected sound you hear in a live performance for a listening experience that conveys much of the emotion of live music.

In 1968, the introduction of revolutionary Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting speakers redefined the phrase "high fidelity." For the first time, a home stereo speaker was capable of reproducing music with much of the impact, clarity and spaciousness of a live performance. Today, thanks to Bose electronics research, our 901 speaker system incorporates some 350 enhancements over the acclaimed original.


Price is just $450 (No stands - new they were $1,398).



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