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Denon TU-800 Tuner

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"A black-faced digital tuner, the TU-800 was a Stereophile favorite that was compared to the Onkyo T-9090 and "enthusiastically recommended." It has 3 IF bandwidth settings (Wide/Narrow/Super Narrow) like the Onkyos, and 8 ceramic filters. There are 2 filters in Wide, 2 more added for Narrow (4 total), then a totally different path with 4 different filters for Super Narrow. The TU-800 is reputed to be better-sounding than the T-9090, on average, but our panelist Eric had a unit that was out of alignment so its sensitivity and selectivity were not up to spec. When our panelist Bob got that TU-800 to work on, he "noticed the MPX filter does nothing - then I reread Don Scott's review, and he said the same thing." After tweaking a second TU-800, Bob called it "an incredible tuner for selectivity, sensitivity and sound, when working correctly. It beat the pants off a new Fanfare." Here's Bob's description of the circuit path: "After the antenna input, there is a tuned varactor stage, then a dual-gate MOSFET, then two more tuned varactor stages, then the mixer, a dual-gate MOSFET. After the mixer is an IF transformer, then a real nice touch, two FETs in parallel driving the first ceramic filter. In the linear oscillator, there is a tuned varactor generating the LO, followed by a FET buffer, followed by another tuned varactor stage, and then this signal drives the LO input on the mixer. So I count 5 gangs total, with 2 in the LO area, so it's the equivalent of 4 gangs by the 'traditional' count." The detector is a phase-locked loop type that is shared by the Wide/Narrow and Super Narrow IF paths." - Tuner Information Center (



Price is just $120 (new it was $500).


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