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Genesis 900 Powered Subwoofer


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Genesis 900 Servo Controlled Subwoofer (Rosewood)

Recommended Retail Price (RRP) - $4000 as of May 2015 based on a new product.

Genesis 900 servo controlled subwoofer. With 500 Watts (fully remote controlled GSAT servo amplifier) of power behind unique 15`` servo-controlled metal cone woofer, the Genesis 900 is not only able to accurately reproduce the whack and feel of a bass drum or the body of double bass, but can almost lift you off the couch as T-Rex shudders through your living room.

Based on a unique technology pioneered by Genesis`s own Arnie Nudell, the 900 GSAT is fully discrete MOSFET switching amplifier that is more than three times as efficient as a traditional power amplifier and is 100% linear in its operation. Using GSAT technology to power the 900 means greater slam in the bass, while maintaining near perfect transient response and harmonic integrity.

Key Features:



Price is just $750 for this amazing subwoofer (new it sold for $4,000).



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