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Kenwood KD500 Turntable with tonearm and cartridge



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Here is a classic turntable that looks good and performs very well

"It’s time I wrote a piece on the legendary Kenwood KD-500 / KD-550 direct-drive turntables. These classic direct-drive decks hail from an era when things were built to last.

Indeed, if decks like the KD-500 / KD-550 with this level of bespoke engineering were to be built now, they would cost many thousands of dollars. The Technics SL-1200 is a classic example – it’s been reissued and costs literally thousands! This is just one reason I love these Kenwood decks.

Nothing new from Rega or Project can even hope to come close to the level of precision you see in a deck like the KD-500. The Japanese just knew how to do this stuff properly, nothing spared. A modern Rega and a KD-500 or 550 are in different universes, no matter what the salesperson tells you."  - Mike,


Price is just $295 (new they were $1,000).



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