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Mark Levinson Model Reference DAC with PLS330 Power Supply



Mark Levinson 30.6 DAC.

Stereophile Review "In it's 30.6 incarnation, Madrigal's Reference Mark Levinson processor builds on its predecessor's reputation for state-of-the-art CD sound quality and adds high-sample-rate capability."... "with its "Reference" status assuring its owners that Madrigal intends to support the unit no matter what data sources become ubiquitous, I can confidently recommend the No.30.6 as the digital-music platform for the future."..."The Mark Levinson No. 30.6's measured performance is about as good as it can get. No wonder I liked it so much. - John Atkinson"

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PLS330 Power Supply






Price is just $4,950 (new it was $16,950).


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