Focusing on a Superior Audio Amplification Approach for Quality Stereo Sound

In the fast-paced world of home entertainment technology, change has become an understated word. Technologies now change so quickly that the new becomes yesterday�s product before you barely become accustomed to it. Perhaps it�s time to refocus on what�s really important for quality audio: first-rate sound with high power output. Forget about over-hyped processing technologies. If your receiver lacks the fundamental amplifier design from the power supply through to the output stage, everything else is superfluous. The TX-8522 is built with this in mind. Incorporating Onkyo�s proprietary Wide Range Amplifier Design (WRAT) with an isolated power transformer and discrete output stage, the TX-8522 is focused on maintaining the purity of music, radio and video sources. Also, with the option to take up XM Satellite Radio or to connect your iPod to the system, the TX-8522 gives you the versatility for a sweeping range of entertainment options.