Excellent Bass for a smaller room, this is a great choice for you.

"Bass lovers who are on a tight budget would find a lot to like about the LFM-2. The subwoofer features strong output over a wide frequency range, making it a suitable and entertaining choice for both movies and music. The sound is forward and pronounced, but is also cleanly articulated, so it really is a fine choice for those who wish bass to be a prominent part of the playback material. Consumers can also utilize Outlaw Audio's 30 day risk free guarantee to take a little test drive (shipping not included). 

When it comes to a performance subwoofer that is designed for small rooms and modest budgets, the LFM-2 hits the mark dead on. It provides lots of bass output, with a smooth response across the frequency range that belies its size and price. I can't imagine many $300 subwoofers with the versatility and output of the LFM-2."  - Adrian Wittenberg, Secretes of Home Theater and High Fidelity



● Ported Enclosure, Down-firing Driver 
 Driver: 8"
 Amplifier Power: 150 Watts RMS; 800W Peak BASH
 MFR: 25 Hz - 180 Hz 2 dB
 Dimensions: 17" H x 11.25" W x 16.5" D
 Weight: 37 Pounds
 MSRP: $299