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Power. Authority. Control. The Performa B15a subwoofer features unique Revel advantages that no other subwoofer provides, for authoritative low frequency reproduction. Featuring a massive long excursion, 15-inch driver that is equipped with an inverted metal dome that delivers incredible acoustic output at the very lowest deep bass registers, the B15a’s prodigious deep bass capabilities will do justice to the most explosive movie soundtracks, as well as the newest generation of high resolution music formats, such as DVDAudio and Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD). A built-in 1,000-watt power amplifier featuring a tremendous 40% reserve capacity powers the 15-inch driver, delivering up to 1.4 kilowatts to handle the most thunderous special effects and the lowest musical octaves.

Revel’s extensive research into room acoustics has revealed that even a theoretically ideal subwoofer would fail to provide accurate deep bass response due to the fact that the mere placement of the subwoofer within the confines of any listening room introduces significant and degrading response variations caused by room-induced resonances.

Conventional subwoofer crossover frequency and level controls alone cannot compensate for these inevitable and inescapable timbre response irregularities. Therefore, the Performa B15a subwoofer is equipped with a sophisticated tuning system featuring a three-band parametric equalizer that allows room-induced resonance peaks to be tamed. This smooths the response dramatically and delivers tuneful and musical low bass reproduction without the boomy and irritating “one-note” bass response typical of conventional subwoofers. Fully adjustable high- and low-pass filters with adjustable slopes are also provided to allow the B15a to seamlessly mate with virtually any combination of loudspeakers with adjustment flexibility beyond what is typically provided in surround processors.