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Roksan Caspian FM Tuner



It has powerful features that are designed to get the best from today's FM broadcasts with easy to use functions. There are 50 presets available for programming. The Caspian Tuner can automatically preset up to 25 strongest signals in the area into presets 50 - 26. In this mode the user can then manually select and programme presets 1 - 25.

A dual speed tuning knob on the front panel allows the user to quickly scan and fine tune to the desired station. The unique Dot Matrix LED display on the front panel simultaneously indicates both tuning accuracy and signal strength and permits accurate tuning of a station without audible signal.

Once the perfect tuning frequency of the desired station has been found, a simple touch stores this information into the selected channel. The elegant front panel display clearly indicates Mode, Frequency, Channel, Tuning accuracy and Stereo/Mono status.



Price is just $195 (new it was $1,000).



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