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Samson D-2500 Graphic Equalizer

The beauty of the D-2500 Digital Graphic Equalizer is that it has 31 bands of real hands-on faders as well as a stereo master gain control with fader, programmable delay, high and low pass filters, noise gate, limiter, and enhancer.

D-Class brings you the best digital performance with the function and feel of true analog equipment.


  • Dual 31-band 1/3 octave channels
  • 47mm front panel faders
  • Store up to 100 program settings
  • Programmable Delay, High/Low Pass, Gate, Limiter & more
  • 24-bit audio resolution and sample rates up to 96kHz
  • Feedback Suppression
  • Linkable via MIDI or DĚNet System Interface


GENERAL DESCRIPTION The D•2500 is a dual channel, 1/3 Octave, 31 Band Digital Graphic Equalizer featuring cutting edge DSP and analog-to-digital conversion technology, together with a simple to use, traditional analog user interface. The D•2500’s robust, 2 rack-space steel and aluminum extruded chassis design is not only road worthy, but it also provides a large front panel layout which is extremely easy to use and already familiar to audio engineers. The beauty of the D•2500 Graphic Equalizer is that it has 31 bands of real hands-on faders! You may forget that that you are using a digital EQ; just press the MANUAL button and “look mom, I’m equalizing the system!” And, with the high-end 24 Bit AD and DA converters and 96K sampling rate, you’ll enjoy pristine audio quality. Thanks to the powerful DSP engine and clever software, the D•2500 is capable of producing EQ curves with more accurate and precise filters, far exceeding the capabilities of even the best analog equalizers. What you won’t get is the accumulating additive hiss noise that you get from an analog equalizer when you push up the high frequency bands. In addition to being a simple to use digital equalizer, the D•2500 is packed with all the goodies including HIGH & LOW PASS FILTER, NOISE GATE, LIMITER, ENHANCER, DELAY and FEED BACK MANAGEMENT. All these digital effects are programmable and their associated parameters can be stored, and recalled, as part of the 99 available user pre-sets. The HIGH and LOW PASS FILTERS allow you to quickly apply an EQ contour for rolling off the high and low end frequencies, for example, when equalizing vocal monitors. The D•2500’s NOISE GATE allows you to set a threshold level in order to mute any system hums and buzzes during silent sections keeping your system super clean. With the D•2500’s LIMTER you can control the level that you are sending to your power amplifiers to help you insure good protection for your loudspeakers. The onboard ENHANCER will actually add high frequency to the system when there is program material at those frequencies,
adding extra sparkle to the mix. The ENHANCER will also automatically turn down the high frequencies when there is no high frequency signal content, which, by eliminating system noise and hiss, making the D•2500 a very effective noise reduction system. In addition, the D•2500 also offers on onboard DELAY for time aligning speakers. Another powerful feature of the D•2500 is feedback suppression. The D•2500’s feedback management system can be set to AUTO which will automatically find the frequency that’s feeding back and lower the associated filter. Or, you can use the feedback management system in MANUAL mode where the D•2500 will automatically find, and then display, the frequency that’s feeding back, showing which fader you should pull down manually. All settings and parameters for the equalizer and digital effects can be stored in 99 pre-set locations. Using the large, easy to read, LCD display and convenient data wheel, it’s possible to save your favorite equalization curves and recall them in the future. Or, when using the D•2500 together with the D•1500 Real Time Analyzer, you can auto-correct the room to a flat response, and then apply your favorite system curve on top. In addition, the powerful LOAD MASK allows you to recall certain effects or EQ curves from any preset independently, so you can add pre-set effects settings with real time changes. The D•2500 features standard MIDI implementation and Samson’s D•Net, enabling device-to-device linking for creating larger audio systems or for interfacing to a personal computer. When linking the units you see the full power of the D•Class system. With a basic MIDI connection, the fader positions of the D•2500 digital EQ can be displayed on the D•1500 Real Time Analyzer, giving you the power of digital processing with a unique analog feel. For systems using many D•Class units, the D•2500 can be fitted with the DN1 D•Net network card. Samson’s D•Net is a high-speed communication protocol for connected multiple D•Class units, like the D•2500 digital equalizer, D•1500 RTA or D•3500 feedback management system. In addition to being 10 times faster than MIDI, the error rate is so close to zero, it’s difficult to measure. All settings and parameters can be stored in any of the 99 preset locations providing instant recall of your favorite setups.

FEATURES > The D•2500 is a stereo or two channel digital equalizer with each channel providing 31 bands of equalization, each frequency band representing 1/3 of an octave, on ISO standards, in the 20 Hz to 20 kHz range. > The front panel provides 32 analog 45mm LED faders for instant filter adjustment and true analog feel. > Custom Liquid Crystal Display is easy to read and provides critical parameter information. > Advanced 32 bit floating point DSP with high-end, 24 Bit 96K sample rate Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to Analog converters provides a pristine sound quality with low distortion and wide dynamic range. > Variable Q Filters with programmable bandwidth (1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 octave) ensures that the filter of the selected frequency area stays the same even when approaching maximum boost or attenuation. Plus, Auto Bandwidth allows individual filters to have different filter cues. As a result, the frequency response of the D•2500 will as close as possible to your faders settings. > Automated Feedback recognition, indication and suppression (Manual or Auto mode) with Automated Filter Restoration. > The D•2500’s fader can be set for either 3, 6 or 12 dB of gain and attenuation for each of the frequency bands. > An onboard programmable Delay is included for time aligning speakers.

Price is just $250 (new it was $1,000).


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