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Teac X-2000R Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

with dust cover



For those whose household budgets preclude an "ultraphile" purchase like the UHA Phase 12 ($24,000),  there are secondhand '70s and '80s decks on the market that can be had for two grand or so. A good place to start is Teac X-2000R. Here is the machine that Uma Thurman used in Pulp Fiction, the deck for anyone who’s ever fantasized about dancing to an alt rock remake of a Neil Diamond song while drifting into Schedule 1 oblivion. Tarantino’s prop master got it right. The X-2000R is not only Teac’s best model; it’s also arguably the best amateur R2R deck ever made.







Price is just $2,250 (new it was $4,250).


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