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Image result for Vandersteen Model 3Vandersteen Model 3 Loudspeakers


Vandersteen Model 3 in black cloth with cherry wood (as pictured): This is a floor standing four-way, bi-wirable, floor-standing loudspeaker. Drive units: critically damped, dual chamber metal-alloy dome tweeter with ferrofluid cooling; 4.5" midrange unit with patented, low-diffraction magnet, curvilinear polycone and ferrofluid cooling; 8" long throw woofer with curvilinear polycone; 1.5", two-layer voice-coil, and 400z focused-gap magnet structure; 10" long-throw Acoustic Coupler (sub-bass driver) with dual spider, critical damped cone; I.5', four-layer voice-coil on a ventilated aluminum former.





Price is just $1,095    (new they were $2,395).



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