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Velodyne VA-1250X Powered Subwoofer



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Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., has introduced the VA-1250X, the latest addition to the VA Series and represents the next generation replacement of the VA-1215XII. The VA-1250X features a 12-inch forward-firing driver, 15- downward-firing passive radiator and 2-1/2- voice coil with built-in Class A/B amplifiers rated at 250 watts RMS with 750 watts peak power handling. In addition to adjustable crossovers, variable volume, phase controls and user-defeatable auto on/off features, the VA-1250X subwoofer employs Velodyneís exclusive Current Sensing Servo system (CSS). The CSS measures and monitors the current supplied to the speaker and adjusts the drive signal, reducing, according to the company, distortion up to 50 percent less than conventional drivers. This is said to improve the accuracy and extension of the frequency response while assuring precise, tight sound not previously available in products at this price point. The VA-1250X also employs Velodyneís ""Subwoofer Direct."" This allows the user to bypass the internal crossover for direct connection to the subwoofer outputs of today's receivers and surround sound processors. The VA-1250X is capable of delivering clean, accurate sound down to 22Hz. Velodyneís VA-1250X incorporates high-quality integrated crossovers with connections for either speaker or line level inputs and outputs. In addition, the model is shielded against video signals to allow outstanding performance in any listening position in the home. Built-in anti-clipping and dynamic compression circuitry is said to improve sound quality and assures reliable operation.


Price is just $395 (new it was $1,000).



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