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August/September 2015

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Audeze EL-8 Headphones

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Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of

Antipodes Reference Series DX Music Server

$6,500 with 1TB SSD; $7,500 with 2TB SSD Storage

The DX is our flagship music server, adding wider dynamics, reduced noise floor and enhanced resolution - over and above the DV models - and captures all of the swing and flow of the musical event.

As with all Antipodes music servers, the chipset speeds are tuned to minimize and spread electronic noise. Using only solid state storage and a premium version of the Reference Series power supply, enables the DX to achieve incredibly low electronic noise levels, which lets the music speak for itself, resulting in a magical musical experience with all types of music.

The DX belongs in 'top-drawer' audio systems where its superior music-making is obvious.


Antipodes Reference Series DV Music Server

$5,000 with 1TB HDD; $5,600 with 4TB HDD Storage

The DV is internally very similar to the flagship DX, but the DV 1TB and 4TB are tuned for use with our 2.5” HDD storage (slow-spinning/low-noise/long-life employing customized firmware).

The DV Zero is designed as an entry point to the Antipodes Reference Series. In standard form it plays from external sources; streaming internet music services; playing from your NAS (using DLNA or by mounting); and from your connected USB drive. CDs ripped are automatically stored on the external storage. An optional upgrade, for the DV Zero, is for an authorized service centre to install up to 2 internal SSDs, to achieve a performance level only exceeded by our flagship DX.

All DV models use the standard version of the Reference Series power supply used exclusively in Antipodes Reference Music Servers.


Antipodes DS Music Server

$2700 with 1 TB HDD storage

The DS brings audiophile music server sound to a more affordable price-level, with a high quality USB digital audio output, as well as a musical analog output able to decode PCM up to 32/384, DSD64 and DSD128 (double DSD). The DS uses the same core technology as the DV and DX, and so is similarly open, dynamic and musically expressive, but can not approach the low noise floor and liquid sound of the DV and DX music servers due to the need to omit our proprietary linear power supply technology at this price point and form factor.


Ultimate Digital Sound Quality
All processes tuned to minimize electronic interference with the digital signal.  For preservation of the signal (not just the data) through every step to the DAC.  All the glare, grain and discontinuity you have become used to in digital - are gone, leaving you with just full-bodied, immediate and expressive music
Combining Digital Audio Sources
Auto-rip your CD collection to internal storage - just feed the disks into the slot.  Rips in paranoid mode for the best possible rip - no error correction.  Play from music already stored on a NAS, or 'drag & drop' to the music server.  Download high resolution music files directly to the music server.  Play from internet music streaming services and radio stations
Comprehensive Playback Options
Wireless remote control from Apple, Android and Windows8 tablets & smart-phones.  Play almost any music file format - wav, aiff, flac, mp3, m4a, aac, ogg, dsf, dff.  Play in the highest fidelity to a USB DAC, from internal or external storage.  Or Also Act as a DLNA Server, DLNA Bridge and/or DLNA Renderer.
Ease Of Use
All setup and maintenance is completed from your PC or Mac so you can use file management, tagging, and backup apps you already know or use tagging and backup apps on the server with just a couple of mouse clicks.  Free online assistance to get you started and setup things the way you like them.  Ongoing online support for troubleshooting assistance if needed.



“Between the three of us, we got hold of every server and streamer that are considered the elite. There was always something more relaxed and musically engaging when the Antipodes DX was involved. Just something different that made it always come out on top. Mike, the vinyl junkie, was more adamant calling it 'vastly superior'. The most surprising finding is that it was not just with the USB DACs. Using the DX as a DLNA server with the Lumin, Linn and Naim always improved the sound, removing grit and grain and adding better flow to the music.”  Peter Thompson
“I got the DX because I was told it was the best, but it was mainly so that I could just have good quality music playing without rushing back to the turntable or CD player all the time. After two months I decided to store the turntable - and it cost 4 times the DX. It is not so much that the DX is better, it is more that I really don't find the need to play vinyl any more given how good the DX is. After 8 months now, I am so convinced of its musicality with any style of music that I have nearly sold all my vinyl and then it will be the turntable. I didn't know I needed this till I got it...” Albert Turnbull



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The Nola BRIO is a unique petite sized high end loudspeaker for general purpose use.  Its unique design uses Nola's signature open baffle design in an unusual 1 1/2 way system.  Two identical 90 mm gull range drivers with outstanding characteristics are employed.  The lower driver operates in a small ported chamber.  The upper driver operates in an open baffle as a dipole.  This speaker has unprecedented capabilities in soundstaging and natural imaging.  BRIO will disappear as a sound source under most any condition.  This makes it ideal for use as a desk-top monitor, for multi-channel applications and for high resolution 2-channel playback.  It is hard to accept that such a large sound is being produced by such a small speaker.  Dynamics are also life-like and this imbues both music and voice with an uncanny sense of reality.


Dimensions:  12" high, 5.5" wide, 5.5" deep'

Frequency response" 80 Hz to 20 kHz

Sensitivity: 89 dB

Nominal impedance: 8 ohm

Seriously good and so small!!  $1,100 per pair - piano black finish.


Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
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To accommodate your busy schedule, we are now open on Saturdays from 10:30 AM until 2:30 PM. 

No appointment necessary.

Come on in and listen to some great music, talk to me about your home entertainment plans or needs and pick up some great audio and video deals!

We're still open Mondays through Fridays, as usual - it's still a good idea to call before you make the trek over here in case I'm out of the shop helping another customer.


Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
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Buy it now and take eighteen months to pay for it with zero interest!!

In association with Synchrony Financial, we are offering eighteen month, same-as-cash financing on your purchases during the period May 20 through June 1, 2015.

The application and credit approval process takes about five minutes. 

This is a deferred interest promotion.  Pay the full balance within the eighteen month term and you'll pay no interest at all.

Upgrade your home theater or music system today and spread your payments out over eighteen months.  This offer is good on both new and used equipment.

Come on in and let's get started!


Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of

We'RE ALWAYS addING new consignment pieces.

we've reduced the prices on Most Consignment items.

Sell your old gear on consignment and turn it into cash—money for you to spend. 

If you are in the market for home audio or home video gear and you're on a budget, buy from our Consignment Department.  We've got quality used A/V products on consignment at very attractive prices.

Consignment makes sense.  Buying or selling—either way you save.

Every month we add new items to the consignment list (see it at the end of this newsletter).  We even have music on consignment—CD's, LP's and even Laser Discs.

 Here, at the home of beautiful sound, we make it easy.

  •  Check out our new Demo, Used & Consignment page:  Click HERE


Special  Deals on Cables & Accessories!
See our updated list of    

Now open Saturdays!  10:30 AM until 2:30 AM.

We are frequently out of the shop helping customers at their homes and businesses. So, especially if you're coming a substantial distance, please call before you come. We'd hate to miss you!

(727) 446-2505

Monday through Fridays, we do our best to keep regular hours here (see below times). 

Our official schedule:


Monday thru Friday—10:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday -  10:30 AM to 2:30 PM


Thank you for reading our newsletter and visiting our web site.

Call us at (727) 446-2505 if you have any questions.

If you can, come in and check out our shop.  We'll make you feel right at home.

~ Brian & Peggy Rovinsky


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