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June - July 2018

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Inside This Issue

Magnepan!  Now Here for Audition

Nola Contender S3 and Boxer S2 are here!

Cayin Tube Integrated Amps

Totem Speakers are Here Too

Audeze Headphones - Extraordinary Sound

Adcom - affordable excellence

REL - Subwoofers for music

Consignments - See our latest listings


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Magnepan's Newest Dealer!


y audiophile persona felt that, with the DX, there was a greater sense of ease, of you-know-whatability to the imaging, of involvement with the overall sound. And that's what it's all about, even without taking into consideration the DX's ease of setup and use. Highly recommended. I said highly.
Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/roon-labs-roon-v10-music-playback-app-page-2-0#VAIrZ5eX7ZfYF9e6.99

We are proud to have been selected as Tampa Bay's exclusive dealer for the amazing line of Magnepan loudspeakers


Long have we admired these amazing loudspeakers.  Now we are the authorized dealer for Magnepan for our area.  We have the 1.7i and the .7i speakers in our shop for your pleasure.   If you are looking for the biggest bargain in high-end audio, come in and check out these wonders!


"Not just The Absolute Sound's Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade" The Absolute Sound magazine, January, 2011


"The 1.7 is the best-sounding audiophile speaker on the planet for less than $2,000, and if Magnepan sold it for double or triple that price, it would still be a steal." Steve Guttenberg, C/Net


"How many ways to tell you about the personality, not of a person, but the Magnepan 1.7? Its greatest strength is its lack of personality, excellent coherence and low coloration. Every thing about it tells you everything you hear is the truth. In my room the 1.7 can be intimate or they can be an exciting and formidable presence easily able to take control of the listener and the listening space. Finally, I can only echo what others have said before me, the Magnepan 1.7 speakers are unique, an amazing performance, at $1995 nothing near this price can compare. Semper hi-fi"  Ron Nagle, Enjoythemusic.com July 2010



“Best Sound (for the money): Unquestionably the Maggie .7
Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, April 2015

"We heard you —“The 1.7 is too big for my small room.”

So, we down-sized the 1.7 and called it the “.7”. It was that simple. Most all of what you read about the 1.7 applies to the .7.

Ok, not everything. Because the .7 has a smaller bass diaphragm, it has less “bite on the air.” Consequently, the bass will be less than the 1.7 if you wish to use it in a larger room. However, the DWM Bass Panel can be used to supplement the bass.

The .7 offers full-range, quasi-ribbon technology at a price that some audiophiles spend for speaker cables. Value is what Magneplanars are all about.

The .7 has an optional oval base for modern decors."  Magnepan.com web site.



Nola's Latest Loudspeakers are here!


y audiophile persona felt that, with the DX, there was a greater sense of ease, of you-know-whatability to the imaging, of involvement with the overall sound. And that's what it's all about, even without taking into consideration the DX's ease of setup and use. Highly recommended. I said highly.
Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/roon-labs-roon-v10-music-playback-app-page-2-0#VAIrZ5eX7ZfYF9e6.99

We are also the exclusive dealer in the Tampa Bay area for the world renowned Nola loudspeakers


We have been a HUGE fan of the loudspeakers designed and built by audio legend Carl Marchisotto.  From his years with Dahlquist, though his outstanding creations with Alon and, for the past recent years, with the evolution of his speaker designs, Nola Loudspeakers.

We now have the Contender S3 speakers and the Boxer S2 speakers in our store. 


The Nola Contender 3 ($4900) is a slim floor-standing tower loudspeaker that is a step up from the very popular NOLA Boxer 2 bookshelf. Compared to the NOLA Boxer 2, the NOLA Contender 3 offers sonic improvements in the areas of depth reproduction, dynamic range, low level resolution and bass extension. The NOLA Contender 3 provides bass extension to 30 Hz. The nimble bass quality of the original is maintained.

The driver complement consists of two new low mass 6½ inch woofers and one high resolution silk dome tweeter, in a vertical array. The silk dome tweeter is new for the NOLA Contender 3, resulting in even smoother response.

New 6½ inch bass drivers have been developed and these provide gains with an even cleaner and more transparent response across the range. Each bass driver is in a separate chamber, each with its own double flared port. This technique, while more expensive, eliminates woofer interaction and provides clearer sound.

The upper driver is ported to the rear while the lower driver is ported to the floor. The chambers are tuned to different frequencies to provide smoother room bass response.

The NOLA Contender 3 is a true three-way system with the benefit of increased mid-range clarity, yet it maintains the coherency of a good two-way, like the NOLA Boxer 2. We feel this approach, while more costly than conventional designs, provides superior musicality.

The NOLA Contender 3 maintains the smooth 8-ohm impedance and high 90 dB sensitivity of the original for easy amplifier matching. Use with amplifiers of 30 watts or more. The NOLA Contender 3 footprint is the same as the NOLA Boxer 2 on a stand.


NOLA Contender S3 ($6900)

The Contender S3 is a premium version of the Contender 3. High speed Mundorf capacitors and Nordost mono-filament silver wire throughout are employed to compliment the new silk dome tweeter. Improvements in transparency, dynamics, clarity and bass definition bring the performance experience closer to "live".



Dimensions: 44" H x 8" W x 12" D (including spikes), 50 lbs. net
Response: 30 Hz to 28 kHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Impedance: 8 ohms
Crossover: Built on two isolated boards point to point wired with premium polypropylene capacitors
Finish: Gloss American Cherry or Gloss Black



The Boxer 2 ($1,900) is a 2-way stand mounted monitor built to Nola standards throughout. It is an upgrade in performance over the original Boxer. Boxer 2 incorporates a new 6½ inch low mass bass / midrange driver for increased mid-band transparency. In addition, bass response is now extended to 39 Hz. The high frequency driver is a high resolution silk dome tweeter with smooth extended response to 28 kHz. A diffraction ring is utilized for cleaner high frequencies. The bass driver is loaded by a rear mounted twin-flared port for low distortion and noise. Although the main priority here is best possible mid range quality (as in all Nola speakers), the bass response has been extended to 39 Hz to provide a full range sound. Rear connection is by a pair of all-metal gold-plated binding posts that accept spade and banana connections. These connectors are fixed directly to the cabinet, thereby omitting the sonically deleterious effects of plastic connection plates.

 The all-important crossover is a shallow slope design with excellent phase characteristics. The construction employs only point-to-point hand wiring of very high quality components. Capacitors are high purity film polypropylene and only air core inductors are used for zero distortion. Resistors are close tolerance 2% metal types.

Wiring is proprietary low-loss oxygen-free copper. The crossover also incorporates a shock isolation system in order to minimize the effects of vibration for a cleaner sound. The 90 dB sensitivity and 8 ohm easy to drive impedance is maintained.

The net result is a wide range and dynamic transducer that is accurate yet faithful to the music. The sound stage is very large and "open", yet has excellent focus. The low distortion means that long listening sessions are possible without fatigue.

Boxer S2

The Boxer S2 ($2,900) is an optional upgraded version of the Boxer 2. High speed Mundorf oil capacitors along with Nordost silver mono- filament wiring are employed to compliment the new bass drivers. Improvements in transparency, dynamics, bass definition and reduction in "hash" are very audible.





Cayin Tube Integrated Amps are here!




Cayin CS-55A   $2650 with KT-88 tubes, $2500 with EL-34 tubes.


  • The CS-55A is the most recent advancement in tube amplifier technology created by Cayin. This state-of-the-art

  •  machine boasts forty watts per channel by using 4 KT88 tubes in Class AB ultra-linear push pull amplification. The

  •  CS-55A consists of four pairs of input: one Phono, a USB port, and two line inputs giving a wide range of options for

  •  any listener.


  • The CS-55A comprises of a fully anodized aluminum front, a vented chassis with a gorgeous finish, the finest hand-made point-to-point wiring, and a soft-start circuit to enhance the life of the toroidal power transformer and output transformers. Combined with audio grade capacitors, carbon film resistors, and ceramic tube sockets, this is one amplifier every audiophile should have in his/her collection. Speaker output impedance can be swapped between 4 ohms and 8 ohms. Similarly to the A-88T, the CS-55A comes with a handy remote control.
  • Transform your music system! Extraordinary value and performance best describes the Cayin Audio CS55A Integrated amplifier. As the centre piece of any system, the unit is at home with both analogue or digital formats. CS-55A includes a built in MM phono section to accommodate turntables and a built-in high resolution DAC for use with computers. Via the 2.0 USB input, the DAC is capable of covering digital audio signals up to 32bit | 384kHz. This combination of a high end DAC and tubes makes for a rich and detailed soundstage.
  • The output stage can be switched between Triode and Ultra Linear mode and either KT88 or EL34 tubes can be used for the maximum amount of flexibility. A headphone jack on the front completes the unit and makes this one of the most versatile and compelling products on the market for 2018. 




Cayin A-50T  $1600 with EL-34 tubes, with excellent built-in phono stage, $1900.

The Cayin A-50T immediately attracts listeners with its rare, natural, and fluid sound. These qualities, paired with immaculate processing, make the new Cayin amplifier without competition in its price range.

The A-50T contains four EL34s and produces Class AB1 amplification. This unit's superb craftsmanship features point-to-point wiring, top-of-the-line EI audio transformers, and a specially developed toroidal core net transformer. Two 12AX7EHs and two 12AU7s are used in the preamplifier. The signal processing is exclusively made through tubes, with a simple switch to fine tune output taps for 4 or 8 ohms. A removable cage snaps in and out of position to either protect the tubes or showcase high-quality components. A remote control for all functions, including triode and ultralinear circuit options, perfects the carefully laced accessories package.




Totem Acoustic Loudspeakers - are also here!


y audiophile persona felt that, with the DX, there was a greater sense of ease, of you-know-whatability to the imaging, of involvement with the overall sound. And that's what it's all about, even without taking into consideration the DX's ease of setup and use. Highly recommended. I said highly.
Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/roon-labs-roon-v10-music-playback-app-page-2-0#VAIrZ5eX7ZfYF9e6.99

Totem is another loudspeaker brand that we proudly present as one of the best values in high-performance loudspeakers - we have them here!


Totem Acoustic offers and impressive array of loudspeakers for every music lover's budget.   With performance that belies their small stature, these speakers bring big, beautiful sound to even small listening rooms.  Their on-wall and in-wall speakers are truly impressive as well.


We have the new Sky Towers and and Mite bookshelf speakers here.  Both give you sound quality and dimension that you'd never expect from speakers of their size.  You'll be impressed.


The Sky Tower ($2495) shares the same DNA that made Sky monitor such a success, like gigantic imaging, phase coherence, authoritative bass, and amplifier friendly compatibility. Remarkably, it does it all on a larger scale and with even more impact.

A customized 5.75” woofer designed for the larger enclosure gives Sky Tower the ability to descend deeper, all the way down to 36Hz. The world’s only 1.3” soft dome tweeter capable of extending to 30kHz also extends low enough to contribute to the midrange band for an enchanted charm to the most critical range.

To perfect its interaction with room acoustics, Sky Tower is mass loadable while a new high density composite Claw controls resonance, tighten bass, and heighten the soundstage. Any media at any volume is presented effortlessly with smooth detail. After all, it’s a Sky.



Design features

  • High efficiency for easy amplifier compatibility

  • Ultra slim design and aesthetic compactness

  • Extremely dynamic performance

  • Placement versatility

  • Bespoke claw sound isolation

  • Magnetic grills included for easy removal and longevity

Technical features

  • Custom designed 5.75-inch woofer with copper capped voice coil

  • 1.3” soft dome tweeter with extreme dynamic capability

  • Lock-mitered artisanal craftsmanship

  • Industry unique Borosilicate dampening

  • Sensational on and off axis response

  • Exclusive, hard-wired crossover with large gauge air core coils





Audeze Headphones - Amazing! And we have them here.


Audeze (Aud-i-ze) makes planer magnetic headphones that redefine the state of the art for personal music listening.


The Audeze Story


Audeze’s origins go back to 2008 when founders Sankar Thiagasamudram and Alexander Rosson met engineer Pete Uka who developed specialized flexible circuit materials for NASA. They quickly realized the material might be perfect for headphones. That’s when Dragoslav Colich, who has 30+ years’ experience in designing planar drivers, joined the team as CTO to create the LCD-1 headphone.

Then we created the legendary, award-winning LCD-2 and LCD-3 headphones, and the higher-efficiency LCD-X and XC models. More recently, we made planar magnetic technology accessible to a wider audience with the EL-8, SINE and iSINE series headphones. Audeze turned to their strategic partner Designworks, a BMW Group Subsidiary, for the cutting-edge industrial design for the new headphones as well as the Deckard DAC/Amplifier.

Audeze feature proprietary planar magnetic designs with extremely thin-film driver materials and powerful custom magnets. Planars overcome many limitations inherent in typical cone drivers; our lightweight diaphragms are, for example, faster and more responsive than heavier moving-coil or dome drivers. Planar magnetic diaphragm also have a voice-coil circuit spread across the diaphragm surface. The diaphragm’s voice-coil circuit interacts with the magnetic field to produce an electromagnetic force that moves the diaphragm back and forth creating the sound you hear when energized by an audio signal.



LCD-2 Headphone ($995):


The beautifully handcrafted LCD-2, the planar magnetic headphone that put Audeze on the high-end map, delivers audiophile quality, low-distortion sound that articulates the power and nuance of your favorite music. The LCD-2 is the most forgiving of poor recordings in the LCD Collection with a beautiful, musically rich presentation that communicates the warmth, power and glory of music.



"The Audeze LCD-2s have become my ‘go-to’ headphones for verifying my mixes. The amount of detail retrieval is amazing!"  Erick Labson, Sr. Mastering Engineer, Grammy Award Winner


"Frankly, these headphones feel the way that the interior of a Rolls-Royce automobile looks—in a word, sumptuous."  Chris Martens, AV Guide


"The LCD-2 has tremendous dynamic punch, bass power and stellar resolution. The Fazor model is more detailed and spacious than the original. I really like the more open sound, but in the end these comparisons between old and new models just renewed my appreciation for the Audeze sound."

Steve Guttenberg, CNET




SINE DX On-Ear ($599)
Open-Back Headphone:


Stunning Sound. Huge Soundstage.


Introducing to the world of SINE, our new SINE DX! You have made it clear: an open-back version of our critically acclaimed SINE closed-back is what you want to hear!  As a company, we make our products for you, the lover of music and audio.  Here you go, the on-ear Sine DX with drivers optimized for an open-back headphone offers an amazingly smooth frequency response, an enormous open soundstage, and fatigue free listening.


Your Music. Your Sound. Hear More.

Open-backs, by their nature, sound more spacious and feature a wider, deeper soundstage with more air and separation between performers.

The sound is exquisite and pulls you into the soul of music with ultra-low-distortion, hugely deep and driving bass, a gorgeous midrange, and sweet highs.

At 100dB efficient and 18 ohms you can drive the SINE DX with almost anything.



iSINE10 In-Ear Headphone ($349)


The iSINE 10 sounds and looks like no others, an innovative design without a care for the same old status quo of balanced armature or dynamic driver designs. The Fluxor Magnets and large 30mm planar magnetic diaphragms deliver precise control and fast response times without distortion so music always sounds alive. Add the included Lightning cable with DSP and there’s no other in-ear headphone that even comes close to its performance.


Simply put, there's nothing else on the market like the Audeze iSine series. These headphones are truly one-of-a-kind, in basically every way.


"The Audeze iSine10 is this world’s first in-ear planar magnetic headphone and it’s impressive from the sturdy feel to the sound they push out. It’s a game changing experience worth the money."  Major HiFi



"They’re remarkably clear and crisp ... like looking through a window that you’ve just wiped clean for the first time."  Wall Street Journal


""Audeze, which makes some of the greatest headphones in the world, has perfected the planar design like no other brand."  Digital Trends


Come in and discover for yourself just how good music through headphones can sound!





Adcom - Affordable Excellence - And, yes,

 we have them here!


Adcom has been impressing audiophiles for a lot of years.  Their latest designs are their best yet. 


Even modest budget audio systems should sound great.  We know of no other brand of amplifiers that delivers more performance for less money.  These Adcom products are true high-value audio products.



GFP-815 Rear

Two channel audio is better than ever! The new GFP-815 supports a broad audio spectrum from 10Hz to 100kHz for high level sources and 20Hz to 80kHz for phono input.  The GFP-815 is designed to capture all the fidelity that high resolution audio has to offer, with precision broadband components and an ultra low noise floor.  This new ADCOM preamp hasn’t forgotten about your legacy or new components and provides you with support for source products ranging from turntables to MP3 players.  Pair the GFP-815 with an ADCOM power amp and rediscover the magic of two channel audio.  Only $499.


GIA-275 Integrated Stereo DAC / Amplifier

with Analog, Digital, USB and Bluetooth Input - Just $695.

The GIA-275 is a high performance, integrated and compact system designed to enable you to play music from your Bluetooth enabled portable devices, play 24 bit 192kHz high resolution audio from your Apple MAC or Windows systems, connect your flat screen TV through a digital connection or use your legacy analog devices such as a CD player. The GIA-275 fully supports Bluetooth V4, A2DP and aptX to produce CD quality sound through a wireless connection.



  • Remote Control

  • Black anodized rolled aluminum case

  • Front Panel headphone jack

  • Front Panel mp3 input jack

  • Bluetooth V4.0 receiver supports A2DP & aptX (CD quality sound)(1)

  • Two line level analog inputs

  • two optical or coax digital inputs


  • Sample rates: 16-24 bit, 96kHz, 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz and 192kHz high resolution audio via USB(2)

  • R & L speaker output jacks

  • 80 watts/channel output at 8 ohms

  • 120 watts/channel output at 4 ohms

  • Frequency response 10Hz - 20kHz

  • Wolfson DAC

  • XMOS USB Audio

  • Dimensions: 9.75" x 9" x 3.5"  (Not including antenna height)

  • Weight: 6 lbs, shipping weight 8 lbs.

  • Power requirements: 120VAC 60Hz

  • Two year limited manufacturer's warranty



REL - Subwoofers

Wireless with optional transmitter


We love the REL subs.  Unique among all subwoofers, the REL line offers dual inputs and controls for both augmenting the bass output of your main loudspeakers while simultaneously providing awesome LFE (low frequency effects) from the subwoofer output of your theater receiver. 

We have these new T/i models in stock


Beyond Convention

Sound Beyond Their Size

REL prefers to refine, to build generationally upon a solid foundation while searching relentlessly for every possible way to legitimately improve upon their past performance. T/i represents a new standard for overall performance in this price category with upgraded drivers, cabinets, amps, and even zero-compression wireless capability when paired with REL's new Arrow™ wireless system.



T/9i Subwoofer



Wireless -  $1,299
The Series Flagship

T/9i represents the most of T/i that we can deliver, and if sheer output alone is a primary requirement for your theater or music system then read no further. The combination of a lightweight, composite 10” driver coupled to a matching 10” T/i passive delivers speed, slam and attack when called upon but also is capable of tracing more delicate passages when necessary. Large in sonic scale, the T/9i is ideal for mating up with floor standing speakers and rooms that are on the medium-to-large size. Powerful, concussive, yet beautiful.








Wireless - $999
The Perfect Blend

T/7i is, without reservation, one of the most-balanced RELs of all time. In order to achieve perfect balance, a sub must weigh speed against heft, while ensuring true extension-depth-and do so in a physically harmonious package. T/7i manages to make it all seem easy. Quick and delicate for a perfect blend, it can pound out exceptionally deep, tuneful bass that belies its size and plays louder than most will ever require.





Wireless - $599
Stunningly Simple

Simplify, Then Add Lightness: Simplicity is its own reward and T/5i reduces the classic cubic sub to its bare essence. A single, high quality AlloyFibre™ composite driver and down firing orientation produces maximum coupling with the floor and eliminates the need for a grille. T/5i is the purest expression of REL.








We'RE ALWAYS addING new consignment pieces.


We accept high quality, desirable used audio gear on consignment. 

If you are in the market for home audio or home video gear and you're on a budget, buy from our Consignment Department.  We've got quality used A/V products on consignment at very attractive prices.

Consignment makes sense.  Buying or selling—either way you save.

Every month we add new items to the consignment list.  We even have music on consignment — LP's and even Laser Discs.

 Here, at the home of beautiful sound, we make it easy.

  •  Check out our new Demo, Used & Consignment page:  Click HERE



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