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How about enjoying your favorite music while you're out by your pool or while you're in the kitchen or bedroom or anywhere else in your home?   Wired or wireless, we can help you get music where you spend your time.

Most of today's AV receivers offer second zone outputs, some even a third zone.  Considering your home theater room as your main zone, the additional zones allow you to power additional speakers in other parts of your house without adding additional amplifiers or source components.  In a multi-zone system, you can watch TV in the main room while simultaneously playing music in your second zone.  In-ceiling, in-wall and on-wall speakers give you excellent performance in your secondary zones.

Wireless technology has come a long way in recent years.  Wireless speakers with built-in amplifiers and RF (radio frequency) receivers work well in many applications.  Also quite popular these days is the streaming audio from the internet.  Products from Sonos and Denon are self-powered, wireless speakers that connect to the internet to stream a virtual limitless supply of music.  When running wires through your house is not practical, these provide an excellent option for you to enjoy your music throughout your home. 

Here are some of the brands and products that make multiple zones of audio work for you:


Speaker Selectors with Volume Controls

Speaker selectors with volume controls - each volume control operates a separate room's speakers.

These devices also match the impedance load of the speakers to the amplifier's operating limits.



It's also very handy to have independent volume controls in each of your rooms where you play distributed music.  You can have a master volume control unit where your equipment lives and separate volume controls in each room. 



In-wall and in-ceiling speakers like these are great not only for your secondary zones, but they work for your home theater room also when having stand-alone speakers is not a good option for you. 




For music outside by your pool or patio, you'll need weather resistant speakers like these.  Placed under your eaves or on your outside walls, these speaker fill you area with the music you want.

You can also have weather proofed in-ceiling speakers installed that do an excellent job of bringing music to your outdoor activities.


The number of options available and their prices range widely.  We'll be happy to work up a quote for you that meets your budget and needs.


Here are some examples of wireless products that you might like:


Sonos makes several wireless speakers that do a wonderful job of bringing audio to any room in your home.  They have built-in amplifiers (so, of course, they need to be plugged into a power outlet).  Thousands of internet radio stations as well as the premium on-line music providers are yours at the touch of a button.  Use your iPhone or Android devices to control the volume and your music selections.


Image result for sonos speakers


Denon makes a series of similar products that also accomplish wireless audio distribution:

HEOS Wireless Speakers





Convenience, quality and price are all advantages of these excellent wireless speaker systems.


Soundcast™ OutCast FrontHow about wireless speakers for outside?  These speakers from Soundcast are just the ticket.  They come with a built-in rechargeable battery that will allow you to carry these portable speakers anywhere in or around your home.  They're weather resistant and can be safely placed by your pool or your outside patio - they sound good too!



Music outside with these "rock" speakers does require wires, but they disappear in your garden or around your pool and they make music that you'll enjoy.     


There are many more options.  We'll help ou get it right.   


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