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Consignment Terms

We list our demo, used and consignment products on a separate page that we update frequently.  Below we describe our Consignment procedures and policies.

 Click here to go directly to our List of consignment gear

Consignment & Payment Options Now Available! 


Consignment Option 1:  25% Consignment fee rate

1.  You retain the item in your possession until it is sold.

2.  We advertise & promote your item.

3.  We handle potential buyer's inquiries, questions, issues and concerns.

4.  We handle the sale (and take the risk).

5.  You deliver/ship the item to the buyer and assume all risks associated with the customer's satisfaction with the item.

Consignment Option 2:  40% Consignment fee rate

1.  You deliver your used equipment to our shop.

2.  We inspect & test it for full functionality.

3.  We advertise, promote, display and demonstrate your equipment to potential buyers, just as we  do our own products.

4.  We handle all customer inquiries, questions, issues and concerns.

5.  We handle the sale (and, of course, assume the risk).

6.  We deliver/ship the unit to the buyer and assume all associated risks.

Payment Option A:  10% Reduction in Consignment fee rate

You leave your net sales proceeds on account with Sweet Home Audio to be applied to purchases here at SHA.  (For Consignment Option 1, this reduces your fee to 15%.  For Consignment Option 2, this reduces your fee to 30%.)

Payment Option B:  No Reduction in Consignment fee rate

We send you a check for your net proceeds from the sale of your consigned item.  (Your net proceeds will reflect a 25% fee for Consignment Option 1 and 40% for Consignment Option 2.)


Why you should sell your used gear through Sweet Home Audio

Sometimes you can run into problems getting rid of your old audio gear such as:  no boxes (can't ship the unit); no time to look for potential buyers; no time to demonstrate your gear when potential buyers find you; and certainly the inability to process a credit card can be a deal breaker.  And there's the high risk of selling to someone you don't know.  (Will their check bounce?  Is their money order valid? And so on.)

Buying used products is equally risky:  is the seller for real?  Is the product exactly as advertised?  Do I have any recourse if it is not?  And on and on.  The number of scam artists out there is huge.

We'll take the pain and uncertainty out of the process for youboth buyer and seller.  As a service to all our customers, we accept consignment audio gear.  We display it in our showrooms, advertise and promote it and spend our time demonstrating and selling it and, of course, we handle the payment.

We're a high-end store with high standards so we accept only products that meet our standards.  When you buy a used item through Sweet Home Audio, you can be sure that it's just exactly as it is advertised and we do stand behind every sale we make. 

Here are our requirements:

1.  The product must be appropriate for a high-end audio/video store.   (For example, we don't accept boom boxes and the like).

2.  The product must be fully functional in every material way.  (We may be willing to deal with a burned out light bulb, but not a blown tweeter).

3.  The product must be clean and in very good condition.  (We don't sell junk.  Period!).

4.  You must agree to our stipulations as specified in our Consignment Agreement form and sign it.  (Click on the link to go to our Consignment Agreement Form - please feel free to print this form and fill it out before you bring your unit in).

5.  If you are listing your used gear with us under Consignment Option 1 (you retain the units and deliver them to the buyer), you are responsible for making sure that the product is delivered to the customer in the as-advertised condition under which the unit was purchased by the buyer.  You must insure the unit if you ship it to the buyer and the unit MUST BE AS PROMISED in every material way (functionality, operationally, physical condition, accessories, etc.).  If the unit is not delivered as promised and as advertised, the buyer may, at his or her discretion, cancel the sale and get payment refunded.  In this case, you, the seller, will be responsible for the shipping costs to have the unit returned to you and you will be charged a 5% fee by SHA to cover our expenses connected with the aborted sale.  Under Consignment Option 2, Sweet Home Audio takes responsibility for all of these matters.

That's pretty much it.  We've sold a ton of used gear for our customers over the past several years and we have quite a few regulars who come in every month just to see what new consignments are on the floor.  So, if you have a some audio gear that you don't need any more, give us a call and we'll see if we can help you.  If you're looking for a great deal on some great used gear, give us a call too!

Click here to go directly to our List of consignment gear


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