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  We get a lot of positive feedback.  Here are some customers who put their comments in writing:


"I wanted to let you know that the Hi-Fi stereo system you helped us pick out sounds amazing and we couldn't be happier. I am loving listening to my music collection through this great system!    The  sound quality is incredible and just what I was looking for! I am very grateful for your expert advice and your patience with me in assuring I would be a happy listener. Music is certainly sweeter thanks to you!" 

M. Q., Clermont, FL


"Received and installed!

I suspect you tire of people talking about "their" system, but I really want to let you know how much I am enjoying the speakers: with careful setup and the right recordings, for the first time in my life I have experienced "disappearing" speakers in my own home.

It is an amazing thing, and I am getting more out of music than I have in years.  It has me looking for "new" (to me, anyway) music too, which is always a great thing.

Sincerely, thank you."

R. D, Miami, FL 


"Brian, thank-you for all your patience and assistance in helping me buy my dream stereo system. My only regret is that I did not discover your business ten or more years ago. As I listen to this great system warm thoughts of you and your helpfulness make me smile. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you! Friend forever."

Retired Judge A. M., Lithia, FL



Just wanted to say thank you again for introducing me to the Cayin audio product line.  I absolutely love the A-50T Mk2, it truly is a “giant killer”.  I have heard some $5k amplifiers that this thing will absolutely embarrass.  I am so glad that there is still a good old fashioned hifi shop still thriving.  Keep doing what you are doing, you have a customer for life with me.

Thank You,"

C. R., Belleair Bluffs, FL  


"I am writing to thank you for your incredible help and follow-up regarding my pre-amp problem.  I have worked with many in high end audio during my involvement over the past 35 years, and can say without equivocation, you are in the "elite group."  You are knowledgeable, professional, and communicate with ease.  You truly care about your customers and their satisfaction.  My experience was 5 stars, and two thumbs up from start to finish.  Thank you for the great service.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future." 

       R. P., San Diego, CA


"Thanks...A+ customer service."

J. Y., Bellaire, FL


"Brian. You are the best anyone could ask for in a buying experience. You will be the first I turn to for future high end audio.  Thanks "

S. D., The Villages, FL


"I thought I owned audiophile equipment, then my wife talks me into going back to the past and try tube amplification.  A Cayin AT-50 and an Escient Fireball MX-111 replaced a bunch of solid state equipment and I must say, our Von Schweikert VR2's came alive as I have never experienced before!  I still say, "I cannot believe what I am listening to."  Thank you Brian for the recommendations, as always, a great job!"

R. T., Tampa, FL


"I wish to thank you for all your help and advice in putting together my home entertainment center.  The Toshiba 52-inch high-def TV is beautiful as well as the Denon Blu-ray DVD and especially the Denon Receiver.  The sound and picture far exceeds any system I've had in the past and was considerably less expensive than my previous equipment.  However, as pleased as I am with the system, my enthusiasm is exceeded by the professional manor in which you handled my purchase.  Everything in the contract was fulfilled on time as well as the installation.  It is a long distance from Clearwater to Hudson and you came back a second time to fix a minor problem at no charge.  But, what I find most impressive is that you really took delight in satisfying a customer.  Today, that is a rarity.  Again, thank you Brian."

G. W., Hudson, FL


"Brian (the owner) VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE and if you're in the need for high end audio equipment this is the man to talk to. My father used him for many years to purchase new and used equipment. Brian is also a good guy and won't lead you in the wrong direction. Brian has a lot of stuff on demo so you can try it before you buy it! I highly recommend you take a drive and check out what he has to offer!

J. S., Clearwater, FL


"I got so excited with the big new sound that I got out my old Erich Kunzel--Cincinnati Pops CD's--which I haven't listened to in years, and am enjoying that great music once again....

"The new system is great!  Thanks for everything!"


J. K., Largo, FL


"Can I tell you how much I enjoy getting your newsletter?  It is a pleasure to read and see.  I like the way you write--real information without the technical gobbledygook....  Also, yours is the best audio shop I've ever dealt with.  Friendly, unpretentious, knowledgeable and extremely good equipment and value.  I wish you continued success."

E. S., Oldsmar, FL


"I want to mention how much I enjoy doing business with [Sweet Home Audio] St. Cecilia Sound Gallery.  I have been buying there for about three years now and have been very satisfied and feel very confident in the advice and guidance provided by Brian.  It is hard to believe in this day of giant box stores with impersonal service and employees who usually could care less about YOUR needs that a place like [Sweet Home Audio] St. Cecilia Sound Gallery still exists.  What I truly enjoy is the link to the past with some of the best current tube gear and analog sources.  But I recently brought my Home Theater into the twenty first century with awesome Arcam and Von Schweikert Components.  I can't recommend [Sweet Home Audio] St. Cecilia Sound Gallery  enough.  It is always my first choice for anything I need even if it is just advice.  Thanks Brian And Peggy.  Continued Success."

      J.S., Palm Harbor, FL


"This letter should be titled 'Always On:  Confessions of a Solid State audiophile.'

"When I found intelligent audio life in N. Pinellas after a visit to your showroom, I knew it was time for another hi-end system after more than a decade of mid-fi listening.  With your help and guidance, we selected the right equipment to fit my small listening room (and small budget).

"Now, with a finely matched power and pre-amp, a great pair of Buggtussel Miracs, and some modest source equipment, I am once again experiencing true hi-fi, with all the wonderful detail, imagining, impact, depth and realism that makes every CD and LP sound fresh and, above all -- musical.

"Thanks again, Brian & Peggy, and congratulations on a great first year with many more to follow."

      A. G., Dunedin, FL


"The expansive knowledge and experience you brought to my weeks of component auditions and our lengthy discussions elevated my understanding and appreciation of true audiophile applications.  Your guidance and direction led me to purchase a stereo system that is second-to-none, and for that I am grateful.

"I've been listening to music for more than 30 years now, Brian, and nothing else approaches the warmth and majesty of this tube-driven audiophile stereo system.  Solid state -- at any price -- simply cannot deliver the clarity, the accuracy and the transparency of my Cary amplifier.  Integrated with Von Schweikert speakers and the new turntable, this new system is an audiophile's delight."

W. S., Palm Harbor, FL


"I visited your store in 2007 to hear what all the fuss was about tubed gear.  I, at the time, had never heard any tube driven systems and had no understanding how it even worked.  I asked you lots of stupid beginner questions that were each answered in such a logical and simple way that I, the tube novice, could understand.  I was then shown how to use your equipment and told to enjoy myself.  "If you have problems or questions, I'll be right here" and let me play my demo tracks and much more!  2 HOURS later after more questions, I left your store.  I NEVER felt uncomfortable or pressured.  I have recommended your store to a number of people and will continue to do so.  I didn't buy ONLY because the mortgage industry is so slow and I didn't have the funds.  The wheel turns and you will find me on your door step again ready to upgrade with full pockets.  Thank you for a wonderful experience, Brian.  Your expertise, knowledge, and personality are what the High End Stereo Industry needs more of."

P. C., Jr., St. Petersburg, FL


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