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Demo, Consignment & Used units!  

Here's the latest list of high quality used & demo units

available at huge discounts!


We have brisk sales of our used and consignment items and we add new gear regularly.  We'll update this list often.  But, to be safe, call or email (sales@sweethomeaudio.com) to make sure we still have the item you want.   

Note: If you have any questions about these units, please Call for information.

Give us a call (727.446.2505) or send us an email (sales@sweethomeaudio.com)!

Sell your old stereo gear! (Sorry, we no longer accept home theater equipment)

We're always looking for new consignment gear.  If you have something interesting that you're not using any more, give us a call and let's talk about Sweet Home Audio selling it for you.  We'll find a new home for it and get you some extra cash in the bargain. 

Give us a call or shoot us an email and tell us what you've got.  (727) 446-2505; sales@sweethomeaudio.com.

Used & consignments:

Recent consignment units additions:

Acurus Line Preamp - $250

Harmon Kardon HK770 Power Amp - $250

Energy C-6 Connoisseur Floor Standing speakers - $600

Pro-ject Amp Box RS (mono amps, 2) plus Power Box RS amp - 2 mono amps plus power supply - $1750

Rotel RCD-965BX CD Player - $190

Schiit Audio - Jotunheim Headphone amp with phono input - $300

Snell Type B-Minor floor-standing speakers - $1500

Denon DRA-750 Stereo Receiver - $150

Antipodes DS Music Server - $500

PS Audio Delta 100 Stereo power amp - $400

Russound D-850 8-channel power amp  (New unit) - $500

Teac PD-D1200 5 disc CD player - $75

Paradigm Studio 100 Floor-standing loudspeakers - $950


Click for Details Brand Model Description Regular Price Sale Price
Details Audio Source Amp 100 Stereo Amplifier 120 50
Details Blank Cassettes Various TDK, Sony, BASF, Fuji, Memorex, etc. blank cassettes (new in unopened cases) 11.99 to 4.99 3.99 to .99
Details Blu-ray/DVD Various We have a couple Blu-ray and DVD players at dirt cheap prices (no remotes). Various 30
Details Cables, Interconnects & Accessories Various Speaker cables, interconnects, digital cable & more - check them out.  Click on the "DETAILS" button  (Lots of new cables) Various Various
Details Denon AVR-1907 AV Receiver (Price Reduced) 550 175
Details Denon AVR-4310CI AV Receiver (Price Reduced) 1999 695
Details Laser Discs Various Over 150 classic laser discs- movies & concerts Varies Varies
Details LPs Various We have a few 1000 used LPs in all genres Varies Varies
Details Linn Pekin AM/FM Tuner 1,100 350
Details Luxman 5T10 AM/FM Tuner 1,500 395
Details Marantz CC4000 5 disc CD player 300 125
Details McIntosh C34V Preamplifier (price reduced) 2,500 1,550
Details Onkyo Integra EQ-35 Graphic Equalizer 385 130
Details Sherwood RX 4103 Stereo Receiver   150 49
Details Sonance SS6 Six speaker pair speaker selector 155 79
Details Target LRX4 Equipment Rack 375 175
Details Teac PD-D1260 CD Player 150 60
Details Yamaha DSP-E390 Digital Sound Processor/Amp   329 39
Details Yamaha DVD-S540 DVD Player 250 45
 Details Yamaha T-80 Tuner 395 95


Please call or come in for unadvertised specials! 

(727) 446-2505 or email us at sales@sweethomeaudio.com



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