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(Brian & Peggy circa 1981)


Getting the right audio and video system for your home is just the start.  And we sell all of the products that will get you there.  But in today's market where stereo and home theater equipment is available at almost every big-box store in town as well as all over the internet, buying AV equipment is easy.  What is all too often difficult, is getting correct advice about what equipment you should be getting to best meet your room and other requirements and getting it properly installed, setup and dialed in to give you all of the performance that you should be getting.

There's more:  even if you do get proper equipment and get it installed correctly, you may not be getting good performance or the best performance that your system is capable of delivering.  Many audio/video enthusiasts ignore the most fundamental issue in an audio system's performance: room acoustics.  A room that is properly treated and/or arranged to optimize audio performance can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the system.  A modest system properly set up in an acoustically correct room will sound better than an expensive system that is not properly set up or is in a poorly configured room.  Often a system also needs electronic equalization to handle acoustic problems.

To get it right, you have to have the knowledge, the desire, the products and the tools.  We do.  Regardless of what equipment you currently have, whether it's new or old, expensive or modest, we can almost always make it perform better and, usually, considerably better.  Here are some of the services that we provide:

  •  Site visit and evaluation

  •  Consultation - education, advice and recommendations

  •  System installation and setup

  •  Acoustic measurement

  •  Acoustic treatment

  •  Audio equalization

  •  System design

  •  Project management

  •  System upgrades and enhancements

We charge a modest fee for your initial site visit and evaluation, half of which will be applied to qualified products that you purchase from us for the project. 

You've invested a lot to get a great sounding system.  Give us a call and let us help you actually get that great sound that you thought you were buying.

Call us at (727) 446-2505 or email us at Sales@sweethomeaudio.com

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